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Diane Hutchinson of My Diane's Originals

Amy has designed two websites for my company - both were excellent. Most important to me is the service she provides on an ongoing basis. I've heard many business owners who have tried to create their own websites and with these stories are their failures along with the time they wasted in their attempts to do something out of their field of expertise.

Amy knows what she is doing. All I have to do is e-mail or send her a photo by U.S. Mail with a small description and I find the photo on my website within a week - and it's always looking great.

I find my business relationship with Amy invaluable.

Amy's top qualities are:

Diane Hutchinson, Lantana, FL | Owner of My Diane's Originals


Digital Dynamic Designs is the way to go if you're in need of a website, banners, flyers, ads or digital art. They have a wonderful way of being able to help you focus on your need and get the word out to your audience.

In our family it's an annual tradition to participate in the Down Syndrome of Central Ohio Buddy Walk. This past year I wanted to hang a banner. Not just any banner, the banner I wanted needed to be special. You see, our daughter is six years old. She is a typical, beautiful, loving, funny, smart, caring little girl AND she just happens to have Down Syndrome. I wanted to be able to showcase all of her wonderful qualities as well as celebrate the Down Syndrome community. So this banner had to be special. I didn't want just any old company to put something together. I wanted a company with a heart. Someone with integrity. I believe that is exactly what I found in Digital Dynamic Designs.

The owner, Amy Buccilla, was able to help me say exactly what I wanted. The colors are gorgeous, the text was appealing, the banner was without a doubt one of the best banners I've seen. I am without a doubt so pleased with it. Our family will be able to use this banner for years to come. It's high quality work and simply beautiful. Perfect for our family. I couldn't ask for a better company.

Digital Dynamic Designs is a company with a heart. They are honest and full of integrity. You see, not only did they fulfill my order above expectations; but as a tribute to the Down Syndrome community and a personal favor to our family; the banner was DONATED! Yep, free of charge. They put in all the work, came up with the slogan that was so perfect and personalized for us and didn't charge one cent for it. The owner donated it out of the goodness of her own heart.

You can count on Digital Dynamic Designs to go above and beyond your expectations too. We will definitely become repeat customers and spread the word to anyone who is in need of a great graphic/web design company.

Nancy Streets - Columbus, OH | CLICK HERE to see a larger photo of the banner.


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